A loyal musician since starting piano lessons at age six, I semi-jokingly consider myself a "professional amateur." Music is so internal that I feel wayward when I'm not doing something with it. Though I'm not as skilled on piano as in my high-school heyday, I've branched out into the flute family with not only C flute, but also piccolo, alto, and bass. I will jump at any chance to "break out the bass," as I'm often known to say, so hit me up if you need one.

I've been found at various musical locales:

I also once had a private lesson with Peter Sheridan, which is the primary reason I can get a decent sound out of the bass (thanks, Peter!).

so shiny


I've dabbled in arrangements, mostly for myself or friends. For the full score, send me an email! (angela @ quasigeek.net) I don't charge, but do ask you share your performance with me. (Alternate instruments or improv are encouraged.) All samples are Finale audio, for which I apologize.

Fugue #7777 Katamari Damacy (game) flute, clarinet, bassoon
It Is Well with My Soul Hymn C flute, alto, bass
Kyle Hyde Blues Hotel Dusk (game) piano, alto sax, cello, drums
Take Five Dave Brubeck C flute, alto fl, piano


In the days of limited social interaction, I participated in a couple virtual performances. In-person is still surperior, but these were fun to do:

Bach Air - National Flute Association
Dona Nobis Pacem - Low flutes choir
Funeral March of the Marionette - Low flutes choir

Community band vagrant since 1999

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